About Us

What We Do

Peoples Gas is Florida’s largest natural gas distributor serving more than 470,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers. Homeowners use natural gas for cooking, water heating, clothes drying, space conditioning, and outdoor living. Commercial businesses turn to natural gas for foodservice equipment, clothes drying, manufacturing processes, transportation fleet fuel, back-up power generation, space conditioning and more.   

We operate out of 14 local offices from Panama City to Fort Myers, Jacksonville to Miami and every major area in between.   



What We Value

Our culture is built around safety. The safety of our people, our system, and our communities is our #1 priority. Always.  

We also want our company to reflect the places where we live and serve. So, we’re committed to cultivating an inclusive and respectful workplace that welcomes and celebrates varied backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. Because ultimately, in so many ways, the people in our company are working hard to make Florida communities stronger.  

When our people feel valued, respected, and good about the work we’re doing it shows with our customers. For more than 10 years, Peoples Gas has ranked highest in customer satisfaction among other natural gas providers. The work we do is not to win awards, but it’s good to know we’re focused on the right things for the people that matter most to us.  

We’re at the Heart of Florida’s Energy

Peoples Gas delivers the natural gas that fuels Florida. Balancing growth, sustainability and affordability is important, and we keep a strong focus on reducing our own emissions while helping our customers reduce theirs. Our core mission is to make lives better, and that drives us to continually explore new ways to provide cleaner energy that is accessible and affordable for all.   


What is Natural Gas?

Natural gas is a fossil fuel formed from the remains of plants and animals and is found in regions of the U.S. within rock shale formations and reservoirs. Currently, the proven natural gas reserves in the U.S. are projected to last more than 100 years. 

Once extracted, natural gas is processed and is then moved through a sophisticated, safe and dependable underground pipeline system to be delivered when and where it’s needed.  

Interesting fact: natural gas is completely odorless. Mercaptan, a natural and pungent odorant, is added for safety. The smell of rotten eggs helps detect natural gas leaks to keep you and our system safe.  

Today, we’re developing new natural gas options including renewable natural gas, liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas.  

Learn more at FloridasEnergy.com.  

Our Leadership

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