We are committed to a clean energy future.

Tampa Electric is the state's top producer of solar energy per customer. By the end of 2026, Tampa Electric will have nearly 17 percent of its energy generated from the sun – the highest percentage of solar generation of any utility in the state – enough to power more than 260,000 homes. We’re committed to reducing carbon emissions with a vision to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, which is why we embrace and invest in innovation in areas like clean energy, grid modernization and improving existing power stations. 

To meet that objective, we are focusing on innovation in key areas:

  • Increasing the use of zero/low-carbon technologies used today. 
  • Investing in emerging solutions that help generate more clean and renewable energy and supporting innovation to reduce carbon.  
  • Improving existing power stations. 
  • Modernizing the electric grid. 
  • Partnering with customers and the community. 

Learn more about Tampa Electric’s Net Zero goal

We have our eyes on a net-zero future!

We’ve been providing power to customers in West Central Florida for more than 100 years. And we’ll continue being your trusted power company as we aim for a cleaner energy future for you and your loved ones. See how we’ve already reduced emissions by 50 percent and our vision for net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.